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Geobear Selected in Ground Stabilisation Project to Colonize Mars

(April 1, 2019)

SpaceX Founder, Elon Musk, has seen plans move forward quickly on his mission to colonize Mars, as he continues to make headlines with the string of tests being conducted on the company’s rockets, from the successful firing of the Raptor engine, to the hexagon tiles for the Starship heatshield. In March, the company made news with the successful “hop tests” of the mars bound craft, and today, plans for preparing a colony have been announced.

Today, Otso Lahtinen, Chief Executive Officer for Geobear, announced that the global leader in the use of geo-polymers and ground engineering solutions, will be a major part of those plans.

“Geobear engineers will be part of the first crews to Mars” Lahtinen stated when asked about manned missions to Mars. “We are planning on sending ground engineering specialists, along with SpaceX’s host of other building materials, engineers, and cargo to the moon in 2022. Once there, our team will be helping to set up a commercial colony and launchpad first, like an airport to Mars.”

When asked for comment, Musk stated,

“Geobear will be part of that first team, because they will be using their geo-polymer injection resin to perform ground stabilization for the buildings and foundations. From there, they will launch along with the second manned mission to Mars to do the same thing again. We want our colonies, and their environmental shelter, built on solid ground. Foundational shifting could cause a lot of problems, so Geobear is making sure that doesn’t happen”.

The Geobear engineers, crew, and other passengers will leave Earth’s atmosphere in a SpaceX Starship attached to a Falcon Heavy Rocket, which will detach and return to Earth’s surface to be reused for multiple orbital launches. The Starship would continue on to the Moon.

Mr. Lahtinen cited November 31st, 2022 as a potential launch date for the mission, and when reminded by a member of the press there was not a November 31st, he laughed it off, simply saying “Happy April Fool’s Day”.

But, – for the record, Mr. Musk, we would be interested.

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