Geobear featured on BBC News
(January 17, 2019)

A critical ground improvement and void filling project on the M11 was featured on the BBC News last October. Geobear were the ground engineering contractors on the project which required the delivery of emergency works beneath the motorway at junction 14. You can view the report below.

About the project

A stretch of the M11, at junction 14, needed stabilisation work to to the erosion of the road and potential cavities beneath the surface.

Geobear was selected to resolve the issue for several reasons. Firstly, they were able to work during the night, so as to cause as little disruption as possible to traffic on the roads. Secondly, unlike with traditional techniques, the road didn’t need to be rebuilt from scratch. This resulted in the project being completed 3 times faster, using fewer materials and costing much less. Had a traditional stabilisation technique been used, the road would have had to be closed for months, but Geobear completed the work in only 3 weeks.

After injecting an initial 1,000 kilos of our unique expanding geopolymer, the Geobear team discovered some much larger cavities under the ground. Some of these voids were nearly a metre deep. There are a range of different possible causes of these cavities, from an unstable soil type to vibrations from the traffic causing the ground beneath the tarmac to move over time.

This would pose a significant risk if left untreated – if a large vehicle such as a lorry was to park on one of these spots for a length of time, the ground may not be able to hold the weight and could collapse.

Luckily, Geobear was able to swiftly fill these gaps with their geopolymer resin. Injected through a small hole in the ground, the resin expanded to completely fill the gaps, hardening to create a safe and solid base below the tarmac.

We’re delighted that the BBC decided to cover this project, as a great example of how Geobear’s innovative technique can be used to benefit organisations and local communities.

This is just one of many successful projects that Geobear has carried out to reinforce existing or new infrastructure. Click here to read more about how we stabilise roads and the advantages of the Geobear solution.

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