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Five Ground Engineering Challenges Brought About by Climate Change

(July 20, 2023)

Five significant challenges brought about by climate change and where geopolymer solutions can help:

  1. Soil Stabilisation: Geopolymer resin injection can be used to stabilise loose or weak soils, particularly in areas prone to landslides, subsidence, and permafrost thaw. The resin injection strengthens the soil, improves load-bearing capacity, and reduces the risk of ground movement, providing more resilient foundations for infrastructure in a changing climate.
  2. Groundwater Management: Climate change can impact groundwater levels, leading to fluctuations that may affect the stability of foundations. Geopolymer resin injections can help seal and stabilize the ground, preventing water infiltration and providing effective groundwater management solutions to protect structures from potential damage.
  3. Coastal Protection: Geopolymer resin injections can be used in coastal areas to stabilise eroding shoreline structures, protecting against rising sea levels and storm surges. Injecting the resin into the ground can help form a stable barrier that resists erosion and protects coastal infrastructure and communities.
  4. Subsidence Mitigation: In urban areas, where subsidence can be a significant problem due to clay soils and changing ground conditions, geopolymer resin injection can help address foundation settlement. Injecting the resin into the ground can reduce bulk permeability, lift and stabilise foundations, reduce structural damage and enhance the resilience of buildings against subsidence.
  5. Infrastructure Rehabilitation: As extreme weather events become more frequent, infrastructure may suffer from damage and degradation. Geopolymer resin injection offers a cost-effective and efficient method for rehabilitating damaged structures, such as roads, rail, bridges, retaining walls, and underground utilities, to restore their structural integrity and extend their lifespan.

Using geopolymer resin injection in ground engineering projects can help ground engineers overcome challenges posed by climate change, including soil instability, coastal erosion, subsidence, and extreme weather impacts. The technique provides an innovative and sustainable solution to enhance the resilience and longevity of infrastructure in the face of a changing climate. As with any engineering solution, careful site assessment, planning, design and application of geopolymer resin injection are essential to ensure its effectiveness and suitability for each specific project.


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