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Learn about the fastest growing ground engineering solution

Geopolymer solutions have been applied to ground engineering projects for decades, however its use has grown dramatically over recent years putting it front of mind when seeking solutions to new challenges. It is a ground injection process, whereby the need for replacement of concrete slabs or fill beneath assets is replaced via an injection of geopolymer material directly beneath an asset. The best testament to the solution is a recent BBC news story about how we designed a solution for major problems on the M11 motorway. Watch it here

If you’ve not heard about geopolymer before, or have heard of it but know little about it and how it can be applied, then sign up for our CPD seminar – we will come to your office and provide a presentation introducing you to geopolymer methods.  The presentation will give you an overview of the geopolymer injection system and its many benefits for use on infrastructure and buildings. We can tailor our presentation to fit the audience, if the common interest is its use in roads or railways for example we would provide more demonstrative case studies to that end.

Our CPD certified seminar is for engineering professionals that explains the theory of our innovative geo-polymer ground injection solution, as well as how and where it can be used. We will either come to your workplace to deliver a lunchtime seminar or you can join an online webinar.

To request a presentation complete the form at the bottom of this page or you can simply text CPD to 88802 give us a call on 0800 084 3503.

Certified by the Construction CPD Certification Service

Our seminar is fully CPD accredited, meaning that meaning that it meets all of the benchmarks and standards required for Continuing Professional Development. Attending the Geobear seminar therefore contributes to your CPD hours or credits completed. Our seminar is perfect for civil or structural engineers, consultants and surveyors.

Learning outcomes

The lunchtime seminar or online webinar lasts for 45 minutes and covers the following areas:

Principles of slab stabilisation and polymer ground engineering

The basics of how geopolymer resin injection works for the stabilisation of ground experiencing subsidence.

Comparisons with alternative ground engineering strategies

We look at how our method compares with more traditional stabilisation methods, such as underpinning, and outline the advantages of non-disruptive injection stabilisation.

Geobear methods of application

We will then talk about the different situations in which the Geobear method is used and exactly how it can be applied to different situations.

An overview of Geobear technologies

We talk about the technologies we employ for re-levelling, void filling, creating pile foundations, correcting subsidence and more.

Suitability – appropriate ground conditions

We will also talk about what ground is suitable for geopolymer resin injection treatment.


At the end there will be a Q&A where you can ask any additional questions you may have about Geobear technologies and techniques.

For lunchtime sessions we will also cover the costs of lunch.

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