Home » Director of geotechnical contracting, Ireland

Location- Hybrid – Dublin preferred

Compensation: 80-100k eur base + bonus + opportunity to buy equity

Required Skills:

  • Delivery of geotechnical works
  • Local network of insurance clients, main contractors, geotechnical engineers
  • Winning geotechnical works 

Required Personality attributes:

  • Growth mindset
  • Integrity – keep your word no matter what
  • Ability to influence people’s behaviour  


Geobear aims to be the number one geotechnical contractor in the Republic of Ireland.

There are a plethora of geotechnical problems that require solving in the coming years:


  • Residential subsidence caused by leaking drains, made ground and / or peat
  • Coastal erosion and unstable slopes
  • Transport infrastructure with subgrade issues


Our technology has been globally selected over 100,000 times to save time, money and the environment in relation to geotechnical problems. With our 40-year track record and debt-free balance sheet, we are now formalising our presence in Ireland by opening a subsidiary.

Geobear has been present in Ireland since 2017 and has done over 100 successful ground improvement projects for various insurance companies, local contractors and private customers. We are seeking the right candidate to lead the delivery and growth of our commercial and residential workbank.

As part of the founding team besides Otso Lahtinen, the Chief Executive Officer are Peter Luby, Group COO and Simon Hughes, UK Managing Director. Geobear will fund the expansion from the balance sheet by using the same formula that has been successfully used in 3 continents. 

Now that the basics have been set up, Geobear is looking for a powerful hands-on leader to continue to lead the safety and quality-led growth in Ireland. 

If you are a growth-oriented leader with geotechnical contracting skills and local client connections, this may be an exciting opportunity for you. 

Please send your application by 26th October.