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Customer promise – Geobear’s commitment to our clients

  • We aim to investigate and solve the root cause of your problem.
  • Your opinion matters and we are keen to hear it.
  • We deliver what we promise.
  • We aim to respond promptly and be available in real time.
  • Your problem will be investigated by a qualified professional. Each design is fully engineered according to BS EN 1997 Part 1 clause 2.7 and quality controlled by a minimum of two professionals.
  • We will tell you if we cannot solve the problem and advise you about your technical alternatives, risks and mitigation strategies during the process.
  • Our raw material has at least a 120 year design life and will not shrink or deteriorate during the lifespan of your home and we give a 10 year insurance backed guarantee for residential customers.
  • The number one priority of the delivery team is your safety. 
  • We document the site work carefully and provide you with a Certificate of Structural Adequacy/Completion Report 
  • You will be contacted for feedback after the project.




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