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Geobear is committed to improving our society through the delivery of our innovative solutions. Aligned with that goal is our long-standing drive to provide carbon-friendly solutions and be a strong supporter of local communities and charities. 

Charity Involvement

NHSOver the past 18 months, Geobear and its staff have committed both time and made donations to several UK charities. Notably, during the pandemic, we are committed to making significant donations to the NHS. 

Liverpool Heart and Chest Hospital Charity

Following the care given to a Geobear employee following a heart condition in 2019, Geobear has donated a sum to the Liverpool Heart and Chest Charity.  

Geobear has also committed to making further donations to NHS charities in the future.

Geobear CEO Otso Lahtinen, “Clearly 2020 has been one of the biggest challenges to the UK’s National Health Service, and where we can make contributions, we’re proud to do so.”

Furthermore Geobear is a supporter of Teardrops, a charity that helps the homeless and vulnerable in NW England and Save the Children where Geobear staff joined Christmas Jumper Day and raised over £100.



In addition to the donations to the NHS, we are also donating £5 to charities for every near-miss reported. A near miss is where the potential for an accident to occur has been identified by one of our employees and reported to our SHEQ department.

The greater the number of near-misses reported ultimately make us safer and helps cultivate a safer culture for our staff and our supply chain. Our annual target for near-miss reporting currently stands at 360 and is based on staff count and projects we deliver. Donations are made quarterly to a charity nominated by staff members.


Carbon footprintOur environment is critical. We are proud to be delivering solutions that are not only class-leading but which have the lowest carbon footprint in comparison with alternative methods.  

A report by KLH compared the carbon footprints of Geobear and an alternative ground engineering contractor. The report indicates that the Geobear pollution risk is considered significantly lower during the application compared to the traditional grout. The full report is available here: Read Geobear KLH sustainability report

The Stantec (formerly ESI) has also commissioned a report into the geopolymer material used by Geobear. The findings show that there is no harm to the environment, and it is inert so as not to pollute freshwater:  Read the report

Learn more about Geobear and the environment here

Societal Impact

In 2019, independent economic research consultant Volterra conducted a study analysing the cost savings for society in terms of reducing the socio-economic impact of asset maintenance work to infrastructure. The report concluded that when scaling up, millions of pounds could be saved by using a geopolymer method to maintain critical UK Infrastructure:  Read the study here





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