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Health and Safety

We are committed to ensuring that everyone who works for the company returns home safely and uninjured.  Although our target is zero accidents, we are well aware that this is a challenging goal in the construction industry. In order to achieve it, we recognise that training, experience and monitoring are as important as creating a positive health and safety culture. A culture where everyone in the company “owns” health & safety – i.e. health and safety is not just dictated from above, but it is something that all employees and sub-contractors participate in automatically.

Owning health and safety involves people looking after themselves, looking at and observing their workplace environment and acting positively to address unsafe conditions, following guidelines, questioning issues they are not sure about, and reporting incidents.

At Geobear, top management sets an example by making health and safety integral to all planning decisions. Our strategy is for all employees at all levels of the company to apply best practices in safety processes. This is being achieved by:

  • A continual training programme to develop skills and competence
  • Ensuring that there is a health & safety agenda at every management meeting
  • Scheduling monthly safety meetings for site operatives
  • Regular communications to staff on safety issues
  • Regular site inspections and
  • Maintaining our safety accreditations, including BS OHSAS 18001, Safe Contractor, CHAS, Constructionline, and RISQS.


Waste Disposal Procedure PDF


The Environment

We are committed to preserving the environment and making an active contribution towards a greener society. This means thinking about the environmental impacts of everything we do. Whether it’s the amount of fuel we use, the materials we inject, the environmental risks of our operations, or the waste we create, we look at each area of concern and, where possible, reduce or improve on what we are already doing.

We are, for example, accredited to the BS ISO 14001:2015 standard, and take pride in the environmental credentials of our resin injection processes. We work with our supplier in the development of new resins to both improve the range of applications and their environmental performance. This has enabled us to reassure clients in all sectors, commercial, infrastructure, and residential, that we are not creating environmental hazards for future generations. Read more…


Geobear is dedicated to sustainability in construction and we look carefully at issues, such as the timely management of repairs, efficient performance of materials, coordinated operations management, regular monitoring, adherence to ethical standards, occupational health and safe working conditions, better financing solutions for clients and flexibility in working hours, as well as the accumulation of knowledge in related academic, technical and social contexts. We want our business to be sustainable because we care about being able to deliver our solutions to the market, both now and in the future.

The most important issues in sustainability, for us, are

  • To ensure the work we do is, as far as possible, a ‘once and for all’ solution that does not require repeated and unforeseen work
  • Our business journeys are as economical and non-polluting as possible.  The development of efficient electric vehicles, for example, has reached the stage where we can consider introducing them throughout the company, both for car journeys and material deliveries. Electric vehicles not only use less fuel, but are also quieter and produce fewer emissions.


Environmental Impact Assessment of Geobear’s Geopolymers

As proof of the safety of our methods and materials, we recently commissioned an assessment of the environmental impact of Geobear’s geopolymer resin. The assessment concluded that Geopbear’s geopolymers are completely safe and pose no threat to the environment.

You can read the full statement here.


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