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Join one of our webinars to learn more about our geopolymer solutions. The webinars range in focus from residential subsidence to solutions for the rail sector. Please use the links below to sign up for free. 

For professionals,  our webinars are accredited by the CPD service. They are highly engaging and will provide you with an understanding of the basic principles of ground injection and the use of expansive geopolymer materials in a variety of sectors


Geopolymer solutions are used across the infrastructure sectors, from roads and railways to airports and buildings. This CPD webinar will provide a broad overview of the applications and uses of the material and its process.

1 October 12:00 Noon: Geopolymer solutions for commercial buildings and historic structures  REGISTER HERE

Join this webinar to learn how geopolymer injection solutions are used beneath major commercial buildings to stabilise the ground preventing movement and can be used as in non-intrusive means to stabilise historic structures. Used widely across the world, this method is the fastest, non-invasive, low carbon solution for construction projects and requires no business interruption.


14 October 12:00 Noon: Residential Property solutions for Homeowners  REGISTER HERE

This webinar is aimed at homeowners who are in the process of wanting to repair a property that has been affected by structural movement. The webinar will run through the basic principles of the Geobear solution, the delivery process and outcomes. This is an ideal webinar for those considering a geopolymer treatment or who want to simply learn more about how it works.


22 October 12:00 Noon: Geopolymer solutions for the rail sector  REGISTER HERE

This webinar is presented by Geobear Technical Director Dr Mohamed Wehbi, one of the UK’s foremost track bed experts and Geobear’s UK lead on geopolymer methods for infrastructure. The webinar will provide a detailed overview of geopolymer and how the methodology can be applied for uses across the railway sector. A must view the webinar with those wanting more technical detail on geopolymer use in the rail sector.


19 November 12:00 Noon: Technical Capability of geopolymers to remediate property affected by subsidence REGISTER HERE

Geobear Vice President of Engineering, Andy Lee, delivers this session which is a deep dive into the technical science behind geopolymer and how it is used to remediate subsiding buildings. The session will look at how different geopolymers are used in different scenarios, such as in clay soils to improve the ground to prevent structural movement.


10 December 12:00 Noon: Technical Capability of geopolymers and application in the infrastructure sectors REGISTER HERE

Presented by Dr Mohamed Wehbi, the session looks at the set of capabilities Geobear can deliver for the infrastructure sectors. It will identify the issues that can affect assets and how geopolymer technology can be used to deliver effective and efficient solutions.  An ideal session for engineers or asset managers that commonly deal with ground engineering problems on roads, airports, railways and utilities.



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