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Live Webinars

Our live webinars are free to join and will give you an understanding of geopolymer engineering and its application across various sectors. Please use the links below to sign up.


December 1 - 12:00 - Structures, ground movement and geopolymer stabilisation

Structural engineers are often faced with technical challenges created by unforeseen ground movement. Consequently, the integrity of structures is compromised and urgent solutions are required. Geopolymer technology has matured over the 40 years since its inception and now features within the engineer's playbook of technical solutions for ground and structural engineering challenges. 

This session provides a detailed introduction to geopolymer engineering and specifically focuses on its uses for structures affected by changes in ground conditions. This sought-after session is crucial for anyone involved in structural engineering.

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December 13 - 11:00 - Transformative Subsidence Solutions for Social Housing

Geobear Key Account Director, Christopher Carlton, looks at how Geobear solutions can change the landscape for social housing structural maintenance. Using a geopolymer-based method for treating subsidence can save local authorities tens of thousands in alternative accommodation costs and reduce the impact on tenants. This session will look at the basic principles of the solutions and provide case studies which illustrate the significant society, environmental and cashable benefits for housing associations and local councils.

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On-site CPDs & Live Webinars

Our teams are now able to provide your business with an in-person CPD at one of your offices or you can sign-up to a webinar listed below..

The in-person CPD would e tailored to suit the sector you serve. Please complete the form to request a CPD and one of our team will be in touch to schedule that with you.

Alternatively, please join one of our CPD webinars to learn more about our geopolymer solutions. The webinars range in focus from infrastructure and buildings to residential subsidence to solutions for the rail sector. Please use the links below to sign up for free. 

For professionals, our CPD webinars are accredited by the CPD service. They are highly engaging and will provide you with an understanding of the basic principles of ground injection and the use of expansive geopolymer materials in a variety of sectors

Geopolymer solutions are used across the infrastructure sectors, from roads and railways to airports and buildings. This CPD webinar will provide a broad overview of the applications and uses of the material and its process.

Contact us using the form below for an on-site presentation 0r register to join a webinar below.

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