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Screaming kids, long lines, annoying bosses, boring work — going shopping or into the office can be a challenge. The last thing anyone needs is shopping carts or chairs moving by themselves, walls cracking, doors and windows jamming or water leaking.

These can all happen if the soil underneath a building moves. The ground gets unstable and can no longer support the foundations. Your retail or office space starts to sink, possibly making it dangerous for customers and staff. You may have to close for repairs. Money is lost.

Geobear keeps shops and offices open and safe. Our solution is:

Quick — Using our pioneering geopolymer technology the work is finished in days, compared with the few weeks or months traditional repairs can take. No excavation needed. We are 10 times faster than other methods — by far the quickest solution available.

Cheap — Geobear is 50%-60% cheaper than other solutions. Because our work causes minimal disruption, loss of revenue is low.

Efficient – Our work creates a firm base which reduces the risk of cracking and extends the life of cracked slabs. We use accurate lasers for monitoring, and can retreat easily if needed. In close to 40 years, our materials have never failed. 10-year guarantee.

Environmentally friendly – Compared with other methods, our carbon footprint is very low. Materials will not affect ground water.



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