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WCML Shugborough Tunnel shaft and annulus void filling

Summary Geobear was approached by Story Contracting to design a solution to fill the voids in and around the shafts and behind the tunnel lining of the West Coast Mainline Shugborough Tunnel in Stafford. The 1847 tunnel had deteriorated over time and there was a significant risk of collapse. Download PDF Version Introduction Shugborough Tunnel, […]

Garage stabilisation

Garage Stabilisation Geobear was contacted by a customer whose garage, attached to his property, had experienced significant movement over time. The movement had resulted in evident cracking in the walls of the property and sinking of the slab. The cause of the problem was the compaction of the existing fill over time and weakening soils […]

Queens Hotel Cheltenham Void Filling

Background The Queens Hotel was opened in 1838 on the site formerly known as the Sherborne or Imperial Spa. The hotel is located on The Promenade, Cheltenham, Gloucestershire, GL50 1NN and was opened in 1838, it has been listed as a Grade II English Heritage building since 1955. A large sinkhole was uncovered under the […]

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Monkey Island Estate – Stabilisation and Slab Lifting

Project Scope In 2017 Monkey Island Estate, owned by Wessex Water was looking to invest in the property and bring it back to sustainable use. Plans were submitted to demolish the existing outbuildings, renovate the Pavilion and Temple buildings and create a new building for staff accommodation, an energy centre, and a bin store. The […]

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Sinking areas of railway depot were repaired by geopolymer injection

Customer situation and background The Ilmala railway depot, located in Helsinki near Finland’s largest and busiest railway station, had problems with soil subsidence. The Ilmala depot is located in an area that was originally a swamp but was later turned into a landfill. The landfill was in use until 1963, and after several years of […]

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Port of Hernesaari – Internal erosion control

Geobear’s solutions resolved erosion issues that disrupted the port’s operations Hernesaari Port receives thousands of cruise passengers from around the world each year, and passenger numbers are expected to grow further in the coming years. However, the corner of the cruise pier in the harbour area had begun to sink repeatedly into the pits. This […]

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