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Void filling reduces noise and Vibration problems at a biogas plant

Greenlane Biogas are a company specialising in the outfitting of biogas plants in SME’s to help generate a profitable solution to waste; their plant equipment recycles waste to create energy used by businesses around the world. During the installation of equipment at one of their customer sites located in Dagenham, a fabrication issue resulted in […]

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Geobear enabled thyssenkrupp to grow in Shanghai

Client problem Thyssenkrupp is one of the world’s largest manufacturing companies, producing elevators, automotive components and various other types of goods. They have been expanding globally for decades, with lots of manufacturing plants in developing markets, such as China and Mexico. Their steering business division manufactures some of the most sophisticated and technologically advanced steering […]

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Raising a sinking floor the easy way

Here’s a great example of how we can lift a floor very quickly – this video is being taken whilst expansive resin is being injected beneath the concrete slab.  This footage was actually in a new build property that was not occupied, if we work in an occupied property, we’d simply pull back the carpet […]

  • Home Owners

Geobear magic helps UK homeowner in distress

BACKGROUND When a customer, Mr Agar,  from Leeds noticed his brick extension was moving away from the house, he wanted someone to wave a magic wand to stop it. He was desperate. The crack on the wall had got so big that he could no longer ignore it. The brick extension had been there since […]

Network Rail and CML saved millions of tax payers money with Geobear’s solution

Client problem England’s rail commuters are used to these words: Closed for engineering works. Passengers might have to take a slower replacement bus service, or there might be no service at all. And the longer these engineering works go on, the more Network Rail has to pay in compensation to the rail companies. Many argue […]

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M42 – Geobear saves you money by keeping the UK’s roads running

BACKGROUND The M42 motorway serves the UK’s second largest city, Birmingham, and other towns where a lot of people live and do business. It’s important that it’s kept open and running – since road congestion costs the UK billions of pounds a year. Cars and lorries barrel down the M42 day and night, often with […]

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