Commerical Building Subsidence

Stabilising and releveling warehouse slabs

Subsidence affects buildings of all kinds, from homes to public buildings to commercial businesses. The problems caused vary from building to building, but the bottom line for businesses is that serious damage caused by subsidence is going to cost them.

Problems with subsidence or floor settlement pose a major problem for retail outlets and other commercial buildings. Closure of premises, loss of revenue and disruption to trading often incur costs higher than those of the repair itself. Allowing subsidence to go unchecked is a recipe for damage and potential accidents. Our advice would be to not let it get to this point.

Some less severe symptoms of ground subsidence can still have a negative impact on your business’ image. Stuff like cracks in walls and doors and windows not shutting properly will all make your business look unprofessional, which will turn off potential clients and customers, and de-motivate employees.

Geobear specialises in fast ground improvement and slab lifting which usually allow commercial premises to remain open and able to conduct their business. Geobear teams will isolate one area at a time and apply treatments to that area, enabling the remainder of the facility to operate normally.

No excavations are involved and the only drilling required is a small hole near the site of subsidence to inject the geo-polymer resin that has made us famous. Our resin will expand beneath the sunken area of your business and restore it back to where it should be. Repairs are completed in days rather than weeks or months and, in most cases, the premises can still be used by the business while the injection is happening.

Don’t let the problem get to the point where you have to pay for extensive repairs, get in touch with the friendly team at Geobear today and we’ll take a look at your site and go from there.

Geobear specialises in fast ground improvement and re-levelling which usually allow the premises to remain open. No excavations are involved, as the geopolymer is injected into the soil through small holes drilled into the floor. The expanding geopolymer first fills the voids in the soil, after which it expands and, if necessary, lifts the floor or plate back to the desired level. The geopolymer cures fast and achieves its load bearing strength within about 15 minutes. After this, even a truck can drive over the treated area.

Geobear slab lifting at a Warehouse in Enfield - (recorded in previous name Uretek)

Slab lifting in commercial properties is a fast, cost effective way to ensure a building is safe and fit for purpose.


No need to vacate the site

Our solutions use minimal plant and we can work on small areas at a time or through the night

No loss in production

Your business or site can keep running whilst we treat the ground

10 year warranty

All projects come with a workmanship and materials guarantee of 10 years or more

Up to 30% more economical

The speed of our solutions and the non-disruptive nature provides cost savings

Highly recommended

We regularly receive 5 star reviews and are proud to deliver added value to our customers


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Homeowner talks about Geobear solution

One of our customers recently recorded a video testimonial about the Geobear solution to her property. We recently stabilised the ground beneath her semi-detached property to prevent further structural movement.

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