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Clean remediation of sinking floors in food production facilities

(January 9, 2019)

Clean remediation of sinking floors in food production facilities

Geobear has been delivering clean, dust free solutions to food production and consumable manufacturing facilities for decades.

Where facilities have unstable or sinking floors, there are very few remedies that can be applied without affecting both the working environment and production flow. We use discrete, non-invasive ground injection solutions to restore flooring to datum levels and stabilise weakened ground.

The most critical aspect of working in consumer environments is the prevention of contamination of foods, work areas and machinery. In these circumstances Geobear provides the best option to protect these production sites, our solutions use minimal plant and equipment and only requires the drilling of small holes into a concrete floor slab to enable the works.

If for example, an area of floor is sinking beneath a machine due to voiding of the sub-base, Geobear can inject material directly beneath the slab without having to any relocate equipment. The remedial process is fast, meaning any halt to machinery or equipment is minimal, mitigating any business interruptions.

The work is clean, we use dust free drills and where necessary can contain our work area. The power required to operate our injection pumps is located within our injection units, these are vehicles that can be stationed outside the building which contain hoses up to 50 metres in length. The hoses pump a geopolymer expanding material beneath the floor to fill voids thus stabilising the ground and can lift slabs where needed.

If you operate a live site where continuous production is essential, please contact us to discuss how your floors can be stabilised, lifted and realigned with minimal effect on output.


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