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ICE / Geobear Webinar: Embracing Innovation in Track Maintenance

Geobear were delighted to be part of a recent ICE webinar that looked at innovation in track maintenance. The webinar had 200+ live attendees and featured Dr Mohamed Wehbi Technical Director for Geobear, John Edgley Chief Track Engineer for Network Rail, Lord Anthony St John of Bletso, Shamit Gaiger Director of Strategic Advisory AECOM, Stuart […]

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What is a Soil Investigation?

Information obtained about ground conditions will influence our engineering design in terms of developing an appropriate design and to remediate the subsidence issue you may face. In principle, a soil or ground investigation is a way to determine the condition of the ground. This information is used in conjunction with findings from a wider site […]

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Prof. Colin M Eddie sees the potential for Geobear to support the construction of major infrastructure projects

I first started working with Geobear in 2016 after the CEO (Otso Lahtinen) contacted me to explore possible collaboration. Although I was not initially familiar with their process and did not immediately see the relevance to my area of expertise in tunneling and underground space, it soon became apparent that their technology was eminently scalable, […]

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