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Can Subsidence Reduce the Value of My Property?

(March 20, 2024)

Subsidence is something that every homeowner dreads. Not just because it causes structural issues with the building itself, but also because it could hinder the sale of the property if you’re looking to sell. But how detrimental is subsidence to the price of your home? 

If left untreated, the value of your house could drop considerably. However, if you have had underpinning carried out, with long-lasting and sturdy results (which is something you’ll experience if you choose Geobear for underpinning solutions), then you’ll likely not see a difference in the amount your home sells for. Let’s delve a little deeper into subsidence and how it can affect the value of your property.


What is subsidence?

Subsidence is an issue that occurs as a result of ground movement underneath building foundations. This then causes the foundations to shift, thus resulting in the structure that sits on top becoming compromised, structurally. However, if you find that your house is suffering from subsidence, then don’t panic because it can be fixed with the right underpinning methods. Speak to the team at Geobear for help.


What causes subsidence?

There are many causes of subsidence, with some being more preventative than others. From a house being built on clay soil to leaking gutters, here are some of the most common causes of subsidence that will require underpinning solutions as soon as possible:


Tree roots 

Tree roots can extract moisture from the soil, resulting in shrinkage. This has a detrimental effect on the strength of the soil and, eventually, the integrity of your house. If you have huge trees planted near your property, consider pruning them or cutting them back to prevent subsidence. However, check that they aren’t protected first.


Clay soil 

Clay soil is naturally wet, even in the summertime. However, when it dries out, gaps and voids form, allowing space for movement under the foundations of the house. The same happens should it come into contact with water, the soil will expand. This results in the movement of the structure that sits on top. You cannot control the soil type upon which your house is built, but putting in some preventive measures, like fixing leaking drains, is a great way of fighting off issues of subsidence.


Man-made problems

Traffic vibrations can cause issues with subsidence, as can poorly-built foundations and broken drains. Where subsidence cannot always be prevented, there are instances where it can be, albeit with the right property maintenance and confirming with building regulations.


Leaking gutters and pipes 

When you have a continuous dripping of water, no matter where it’s coming from, it will only ever soak into that area of the house. When it concerns leaking gutters and drains, these are likely to sit close to the property. This is when the integrity of the foundations will become compromised. Moisture can cause soil to expand. As a result, it will cause movement underground, causing a shift in the foundations.


Lack of adequate drainage 

This causes subsidence because there’s nowhere for any excess water to drain away. This is more of a problem if you have water that naturally pools close to the house. You need to provide a soak away or some form of drainage to prevent the water from seeping down to the soil that your foundations are built upon.


Can I sell a property that is subsiding?

Yes. You can sell a house even though it is suffering from subsidence. However, you should be aware that if you’re not willing to treat it, it will sell for a knockdown price. In addition, it is likely that any prospective buyers will employ the help of a surveyor to find such problems. So it’s always best to be open and honest from the start.  


Will subsidence devalue my property?

In short, it will play a part in how much your house sells for. However, how much it will affect the price is unknown exactly as every case is different. Early subsidence issues may not hinder the price all that much. But if your house is noticeably leaning as a result of unrepaired subsidence problems, then you could see a considerable reduction. 

It is impossible to know for sure until you have your house valued by the right people, such as a structural surveyor. You will need to assess both the pros and the cons and decide whether it’s more financially beneficial to have subsidence repaired over selling it for a loss. Again, make sure you have all of the facts before making your decision.


My house has been underpinned, will that affect its value?

If issues of subsidence have been properly rectified by a professional underpinning firm, like us here at Geobear, then you should have no trouble in selling your property and securing a fair amount for it. This is especially the case if you have chosen a modern, long-lasting underpinning solution that will stand the test of time, such as the resin injection method. 

Here at Geobear, we typically use the resin injection method to underpin subsiding properties. We will inject the ground with resin, allowing it to flow through the gaps and voids, expanding as it goes. This will then solidify, therefore returning strength and stability to both the ground and the building foundations. 

As such, your doors and windows will become unjammed and cracks in walls and ceilings will disappear. With the right method, and by doing your research on the firms that offer underpinning solutions, you should be able to sell your home without issue.



Geobear is proud to be offering customers throughout the UK sterling underpinning solutions that will provide results lasting generations to come. As well as underpinning services, we are also able to carry out subsidence surveys and other services that are related to the structural integrity of domestic and commercial buildings. If you would like further information about how our fully-trained, highly-experienced team can help you, get in touch today – we are always pleased to hear from you.

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