British Construction Industry Awards – A Call to action
(October 14, 2019)

BCIA 2019

I write in my capacity as CEO of Geobear, (, the main sponsor of the awards dinner, which was a great opportunity for the engineering fraternity to meet to share our common vision for achieving excellence in engineering in the UK.

Our mission statement and commitment is to provide a non-disruptive, cost-efficient and expeditious solution to underpinning and solving foundation subsidence problems, be this in remedial works to roads, airports, railways, utility repairs or even commercial and residential properties.

We aim, by injecting our innovative expanding geopolymer technology, to reduce unnecessary lengthy traffic congestion, which has a detrimental cost to the economy and causes increased air pollution.  With ever-increasing advances in our technology and engineering expertise, we have a proven track record of almost 40 years.

The Department of Transport forecasts a 55% increase in traffic levels in the next 20 years, but an 85% increase in congestion.


Solving the problem will require the efficient and seamless collaboration of the whole supply chain.

The UK has the distinction of having some of the global leaders in engineering both in large and small enterprises.

We would welcome the opportunity of working together to be part of the sustainable solution.

I can be contacted on [email protected]

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