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Airport and Runway Subsidence

Our teams stabilise and lift sites across airports, whether it be the airport buildings themselves, the runways and taxiways or hangar floors. This is an area of infrastructure that requires stable ground because of the risk of major disruption if there’s significant downward movement. This is where Geobear comes in: to stabilise and relevel concrete slabs.

We use slab lifting, as opposed to slab replacement, to fix runway stability problems. Our process involves hardly any disruption compared to replacing slabs, which can halt operations for days, weeks or even months at a time. We use injected Geobear materials to stabilise and raise the slab up from below.

plane taking off from stabilised airport runway

A key benefit of opting for Geobear is the money you will save thanks to the lack of disruption. There’s no need to replace the slabs which would require heavy machinery and would be more time-consuming. Our solutions fit within overnight closures and the airport is fully operational within fifteen minutes.

When Geobear treats subsidence at airports, our team works as quickly as possible: often, the job is completed in just a matter of hours. We know how important it is for runways and airports to remain in operation at all times because any delays can cause problems for so many passengers and can be expensive for the company. Our design teams work in collaboration with the airport owner and maintenance contractor to deliver the most time-efficient solutions.

The geopolymer resin that we inject expands and hardens in under 15 minutes. As well as being so fast-acting, the Geobear technique is also a long-lasting solution that corrects subsidence issues on a long-term basis.

No airport owner or asset engineer wants to be responsible for a runway failure that could have been prevented with some simple ground stabilisation or re-levelling. If you’ve got problems with uneven slabs, drainage issues causing washout about your ground stability, then get in touch with Geobear, and we’ll work out where to go from there.

Advantages of the Geobear solution:

Quick and efficient – Geobear’s pioneering solution is dramatically faster than traditional underpinning methods. This is a key advantage for infrastructure such as airports and runways, where delays and disruptions are to be avoided at all costs. We also ensure our work is of the utmost efficiency, measuring everything we do using laser technology, for perfect precision.

Environmentally-friendly – Due to the speed and efficiency of our processes, the carbon footprint of Geobear stabilisation is much lower than that of other methods. The materials we use are also completely safe, reflecting our commitment to a zero harm policy towards the public, environment and employees. With over 100,000 projects carried out across the world in the past forty years, our methods have a proven record for safety and success.

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