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A Day in the Life of a Senior Technician

(September 3, 2021)

Name: Dominic Smith

Job Title: Senior Technician

What is your background? ( what Schools, College did you attend?, what was your previous employment?)

I left school and studied and worked in joinery for three years. I then went onto Music College, and joined a band that I was with for 17 years. We were lucky enough to be given a record deal and I had an amazing time touring the UK. A particular highlight was playing at Glastonbury!

I then went on to start a family, and life changed….

How long have you worked with Geobear? 

Alongside my love for music and the band, I was still working in a joinery role. I started with Geobear (then Uretek) in 2001. Originally I was brought in to work with the team who complete enabling works. 

After some time, the then Managing Director offered me a trial to work with the Operations team as a Technician. After my first week, he asked would I like to do another week, and then that turned into another week, and here I am 20 years later, now as a Senior Technician!

Wow! 20 years is a long time, how many jobs do you complete in a week?

On average I work 4 jobs a week. 

So, over 20 years, this works out to be over 4000 jobs completed with Geobear! What a fantastic achievement Dom!

What does your job involve? 

In my role as a Senior Technician I have a responsibility to ensure that everyone on site with me knows what their job is for the day. Normally I have 2 or 3 Technicians, plus any subcontractors on site with me. We discuss the work, and sign our job pack/ RAMS before we start. 

I also have a duty to make sure the customer/ onsite contact is aware of what we are doing and ensure that they are happy with what we are doing, so good communication skills, are a must. As an example, on a residential project for a homeowner, I like to ensure that me and my team take as much care as we can. The customer’s home is their pride and joy and I want to ensure we treat it with the utmost respect. You have to treat each job like it is your house. 

What is a typical day/ week like in your role?

Each day and week is different. I can work in Manchester one week and then be in

Devon and Cornwall the next.

When we are on site, there are important tasks required on every job. This includes tracing services and completing soil testing (dynamic probe testing). We then set up the laser monitors and drill to the required depth, and insert the steel tubes, to allow our geopolymer to be injected. 

Monitoring of the laser monitors and surrounding work area is important during the injection process. 

What do you enjoy most about your job? 

My role is different every day and I enjoy this. One day I could be working on a school, the next a road, then a house. It’s varied and this is what I like.

I also enjoy making a difference to our customer’s life. When you go to a house and the homeowner has subsidence they are very often very distressed.  It’s really great to see the homeowner at the end of the treatment, and how impressed they are with our solution. 

Over the years I have seen people crying with relief and joy. It makes you feel like you have done something good.

If someone was interested in pursuing a career in your role, would you like them to know? 

If someone was interested in pursuing a career as a Senior Technician they should ideally have a background in construction and have an understanding about structures and foundations.

You should also have an understanding about drains and services, with a good understanding of HSG47.

Aside from the technical knowledge, you need good communication skills, and a willingness to be flexible with working hours and staying away from home. 


If you are interested in joining the Geobear team, head to our careers page to check out our open positions here 

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