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6 Signs You Need Underpinning Solutions

(September 12, 2023)

You might have come across the term ‘underpinning’ or subsidence’ at some point. It’s more likely if you’ve been looking into building or house insurance recently. But you might be wondering what it actually is. By understanding what underpinning is, together with knowing some of the signs that underpinning is needed, you’ll be able to decide whether or not it’s necessary. Geobear is able to provide underpinning services, regardless of the extent of the problem. With this in mind, here’s what underpinning is, along with some signs of subsidence:


What is underpinning?

Underpinning is a solution that’s used to fix or repair instances of subsidence. It can be done on both commercial and domestic properties and on buildings of any size. This subsidence solution  involves the strengthening of the ground that sits underneath the building foundations. This stabilises the soil, thus restoring the foundations back to their original condition. There are a variety of different methods used, some of which will include the installation of concrete or metal supports or with the injection of resin. 

Geobear invented the innovative resin injection method. This is a non-disruptive, quick and efficient type of underpinning solution. The resin will be pumped into all of the voids present under the foundations of your property, expanding and solidifying as it goes along. 


6 signs that you need underpinning services

If you’re concerned about whether or not you need underpinning solutions, or if you’re simply interested in learning about when underpinning methods are used, then here are a few signs that you should look out for. If you’re in doubt, then the experts at Geobear will always be on hand to inspect your domestic or commercial building. We will carry out a thorough inspection, looking for any signs that subsidence is affecting your property. This way, we’ll be able to confirm or deny any instances of subsidence. Some people like to take a look around their home before bringing in an outside underpinning firm, so some of the signs of subsidence that you should be looking for include the following:


1. You are seeing cracks appear in walls, floors & ceilings

If you’re starting to notice any cracks appearing in ceilings or floors, then subsidence could be the culprit. Before you start to panic, you should look carefully at any cracks you might have. This is because not every crack you see is down to subsidence. If subsidence is the issue, then it will likely run in a zig-zag line (as it follows the mortar in the bricks). You might also be able to put your little finger into the gap. 

This is the same whether the crack is running through the walls, the ceilings or your floors. It might sound unlikely to have floor cracks, but this is more the case if your house has a solid concrete floor at ground level. If you have suspended floors, you might not notice any cracks or movement. However, you might find that your carpet starts bunching up or your laminate flooring has shifted slightly. If you’re worried, then call the specialists at Geobear.


2. Your wallpaper is creasing with no signs of damp or mould

If your home is showing any signs of mould, damp or excessive moisture along the walls, then subsidence could be the problem. Even if your walls are wallpapered, the signs of subsidence should be very noticeable, mostly because it will become rippled or creased. 


3. You notice that your floors are starting to sink or move

This is most often the case if you have a suspended floor. However, cracks can form in concrete flooring. Subsidence can cause your entire house, and the structure within it, to shift. Even the slightest movement will cause issues and a sinking floor is one of them. If this is the case, then underpinning solutions will be needed. 


4. Your doors and/or windows are becoming jammed or aren’t closing correctly

Subsidence will cause the house to move, and your walls aren’t exempt from this. As your walls start to move around, it can cause doors and windows to become jammed if they were closed. On the other hand, you might find it difficult to close them, eventually. If you’ve started to notice this throughout your property, then subsidence could be at play and underpinning will likely be needed.


5. Your house is leaning to one side

If you’ve got to this point, then the subsidence issue you have is now significant. This is likely one of the last and most extreme signs of subsidence for any property. If you stand outside and look at your house, and you see that it’s noticeably leaning to one side, then you’ll need to have underpinning services carried out as quickly as possible. this is imperative to save the overall integrity of the house. If the issue is left for too long, in extreme cases, subsidence could cause the house itself to collapse. If your house is leaning, then this situation isn’t too far away. Make sure you have underpinning solutions carried out as soon as feasibly possible. 


6. Your extension is moving away from the rest of the house

If your house is experiencing subsidence, then you’ll start to see your extension physically coming away from the main building. In the early stages, you’ll see cracking along the new mortar lines. Usually, extensions are linked to your property via existing brickwork, but this could become a very big problem for you if subsidence is at play. Make sure you call Geobear for help with this as we’ll be able to stabilise your house foundations to protect your home and the extension.



Geobear has a team of highly experienced, trusted subsidence specialists who are fully trained and qualified to identify cases of subsidence as well as deliver a long-lasting, effective underpinning solution, regardless of the size or your property or the extent of the issue. For more information about our underpinning services, get in touch with a member of our professional, knowledgeable team today – we’re always on hand to help.

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