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10 Things You Can Do to Increase the Value of Your House

(November 28, 2019)

Here are the top 10 things you can do to increase the selling price of your house – from simple to a little more comprehensive.

1. Cleaning – it may sound obvious (but this is not always the case)

Just as simple as it sounds – Clean. Would you buy a dirty house? It would at least affect the amount you are willing to pay for it. Therefore, it will affect what someone else is willing to pay for your house as well. The house should look like someone can live there, but you don’t want your used clothes to lie down and tease. Just like on a date, the first impression is very important!

2. Sell your house from its best side

Do you have a beautiful garden in the summer or a fantastic view of snow-covered mountains in the winter? You should strive to sell your house when it shows its best side. If your potential buyers are impressed by the surroundings, they are more likely to bid on each other to get a piece of “the cake”.

3. Don’t sell when everyone else does

It may partly go against point 2, but don’t sell your house when everyone else does. Supply and demand control the amount of money you can get by selling your house. Make sure that demand is as high as possible and supply as low as possible, in order to maximize the selling price of your house.

4. Make sure your house is on stable ground

If it has been confirmed that there is a subsidence problem with your home, it could affect the value of your house. Depending on the area your house is located, we could be talking about ​​of around £90,000 or more. Stabilising your home using a geopolymer injection solution, will have a significant benefit. After stabilisation, your house will regain its market value, and if you choose Geobear, you will receive a 10-year guarantee and certificate of structural adequacy following completion of our work, which can be passed onto a new homeowner in the event of a sale. 

5. Prioritize the bathroom

We all know that renovating bathrooms is a big investment. Therefore, make sure your bathroom looks as good as possible before potential buyers look at it. Remove any unnecessary decor so that the bathroom looks as large as possible. If you have a sink or toilet seat that has cracks in it, invest in new ones. These minor things could affect the overall sales value of the house! Top Tip – Make sure the bathroom is spotlessly clean and smells good for any viewings!. Clean and nice towels, soap and maybe a flower are all small touches that could make a big difference with the potential buyer too. If you have a bathtub – set the scene. Scented candles and candle lighting can make your potential buyers see what relaxing and wonderful moments they could have in there.

6. Clean up even where they “won’t see”

Do you think your wardrobes and drawers will withstand the eyes of curious potential buyers? Unfortunately, they don’t. Make sure you clean them! It’s totally okay that you still have clothes left in there, but make sure they aren’t filled to the brim. All storage should look airy and tidy. No one ever has too much storage space!

7. Let someone else take a look first

If you have lived in the same house for many years, it is very likely that you have become blind when it comes to certain parts of the house. Maybe you don’t notice that crack in the wall anymore. The chair you inherited from your Granparent’s house – is it really that ugly? Oh – and the colour on the wall your bedroom, yes, it was trendy in the 80’s, but not now. Call your honest friend or family member to have a look around before putting your house on the market, they will help you sell your home!

8. Spend some time in the garden

Do you have a beautiful garden? Make sure the lawn is mowed,  the hedge is trimmed and that all pretty lights work. If it looks gray and dull, and not as welcoming as you wish, some new lamps, marshalls or a pot of flowers can create a warmer and more welcoming impression. 

9. Review your surfaces

Staring into a wall may not be the most rewarding thing you can do. But in this case, it can actually pay off! Surfaces, such as walls, tend to wear out over time. Paint or wallpaper is a small investment compared to the extra money it can give you when you sell your house. Worn surfaces have a tendency to make the house look as if it is poorly handled, and may cause buyers to inspect more details than necessary. The big one is cracks in the walls. Cracks appear in a wall for a number of reasons. They can occur as a new house ‘settles’ or when the construction materials expand and contract over time with environmental changes, known as thermal movement. They can also be caused by subsidence. It is important to establish the root cause, and then to take professional advice before making a judgment as to what action to take.

10. Remove unnecessary furniture – but don’t sell the house empty 

Having to zigzag between sofas, chairs, and tables makes the house seem small. Even a large house can “shrink” if you over-furnish it. If you are going to sell your house, make sure to remove furniture that does not contribute to the overall experience. Rent a store for a few weeks or ask a friend if you can store your bulky armchair until the sale is complete.

It is not great to have too much furniture in the house but it is even worse if the house is empty! Most people find it difficult to visualize what a room and a house will look like when they move in. If you have no interior decoration, it will be even more difficult. If for some reason you do not have furniture in the house, make sure to rent the interior – this will help you get a good selling price in the end.

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